Whoo Buddy…

I’m going to go full honesty here right from the start:

I am excited about this.

I’ve been taking classes and workshops on Skillshare for years, and while I always thought it would be fun to teach a class, I never followed through with it. Which is odd, because I really enjoy teaching. There is something that I love about the process when someone wants to learn a skill and I can help them with that. Teaching people to do new things, things they thought they wouldn’t be able to do before, is addictive.


I’m really good at figuring out reasons why I can’t do something. There’s a part of my brain makes lists of “Can’t” as soon as another part says “Wouldn’t it be fun to…”. Who am I to tell people how to do this? There’s probably someone out there who can do it better. What if I tell them the wrong thing? What if I’m really bad at this?

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

At the beginning of March, I signed up for a teaching workshop because I had a good idea for a class: Teaching people about GIMP. It’s a free, open source program that I used for photo editing and graphic design stuff because I couldn’t afford Photoshop (this was in the days when you paid for PS wholesale; Creative Cloud wasn’t much more affordable for me though). GIMP was just as powerful and flexible to do what I needed; it filled a huge gap for me. I was able to learn image editing skills that came in handy for work; I learned how to repair old photos; I practiced compositing; and I even used it for digital art.

I have access to Photoshop now, but I still use GIMP too. I still believe it is the perfect solution for others who are ready to step up from the basic crop-recolor-save programs.

It’s been an experience making this class. I have fought between stopping and slogging through no matter what. I’ve debated and doubted my project, my videos, my production value, but I’m almost ready to hit the official publish button.

I’m nervous. I’m excited.