Drink Your Bezier Curves

There better be booze in that thing…

Bezier curves are sort of like the green smoothies of design: Everyone swears by them, but after trying it once, you strongly suspect they are full of something other than smoothie.

Chug one of those bad boys back and sure, you’re going to get a nice vitamin-mineral boost. And you’ll feel better. Heck, you will feel accomplished (DUDE LOOK WHAT I JUST DID!).

Try it again, though? Mmmmm—lemme get back to you on that.

I know Beziers, and the Pen tool for that matter, will round out the toolbox of skills I have. I know how to edit premade curves with Illustrator and Inkscape—or at the very least, not grossly mess them up. Making my own smooth and shiny curves?

It’s Muffy, the world’s saddest Bezier circle.

I understand the idea in theory; this is a practice thing. I need more ways to create accurate selections, and when I see the paths tool in action, I know I need to keep practicing.

As for green smoothies—maybe add a shot of vodka to that thing and we’ll talk.